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Having the highest quality air ventilation systems and air conditioning units is a necessity of modern life. Air conditioning units are becoming more and more prevalent in both private and commercial properties, offering a great way to ensure a clean and comfortable space for you and everyone else.

On top of being a clean and comfortable solution, a well designed and installed air ventilation system or air conditioning unit will help to counteract some of the problems that are associated with modern properties. As double glazing and modern central heating often exacerbate issues of mould and condensation, leading to unsightly marks and health risks. In fact, it is now a legal requirement that all new build homes have air ventilation systems installed.

Whether you need to comply with the latest regulations, or you simply want to make your property as safe and comfortable as it can be, we can make it happen by installing a ventilation system or air conditioning unit perfectly designed to keep your property fresh and free. We will also use our professional expertise to determine which one of our systems s the best solution for your property.

In terms of systems we primarily offer two options, a Positive Input Ventilation System, or PIV, this is a system in which the home is ventilated from a central control unit, usually situated in a loft or cleared space. PIV represents a silent, clean, and efficient whole house solution for your ventilation needs.

If you have a large number of wet rooms, areas with significant damp exposure, or simply a larger property, we would recommend a Mechanical Extract Ventilation, or MEV system. An MEV works through a multi-point system whereby extractor fans placed in various rooms throughout the property funnel air to a central extractor fan. It is a clean, efficient and highly effective solution.

Whether you’re looking for home ventilation or commercial ventilation, you need to make sure you’re getting the right system for your needs, this is where our professional knowledge and experience comes into play, making sure you get the best outcome for your needs.

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